Northwestern Preparatory School, California
Oh goody, another day in which to excel!
The pilot in the photo above is one of our former students.

A sampling of what our former students have accomplished:

Marshall Scholar
Fulbright Scholar
Fitzgerald Scholar
Two Rhodes finalists
Number One Air Force Academy Graduate
USMMA Regimental Commander
Exchange students to Chilean, French and British AF Academies
Graduate School Scholarship winners-Harvard, MIT, Oxford
Admirals’ Aides
Pilots for the Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard
USNA Brigade Director of Operations
Two USAFA Wing Commanders
USAF Special Forces officers
Army Rangers
Exchange students to USMA, USNA, USAFA and USCGA
Medical School and Law School Scholarship Recipients
USNA and USAFA instructors
Parachute team members for USAFA and USMA
Varsity team players and numerous team captains
Intelligence officers